This Is How It Works!

29 12 2008

Attention, everyone!!!

Do I have your attention? I hope so. Well, folks, today is my first entry, so I’ll explain how things are going to work around here. Starting January 1, I will be watching a movie and reviewing it every day. No slouching, no blowing it off. This is some hardcore bad-ass reviewing going on here! No Leonard Maltin “Oh, I’m too tired to watch The Heart is a Lonely Hunter today. I’ll give it an undeservedly lackluster review tomorrow.” No Roger Ebert “I’m too busy; I’ll wait ’til this weekend to give Maid in Manhattan two more stars than it really merits.” No way. Every single day, barring a power outage or the onset of acute mental illness from watching too many movies, I will update this page. I’m dedicated like that.

How will the movies be chosen, you ask? Here is how I’ve decided to break it down. Five days out of the week, not necessarily in a row mind you, I will see a movie I have never seen before, whether it be DVD or on television or on the silver screen. What movies I watch will be a mixture of both my own curiosity and reader suggestions (for any suggestions you give me you will be compensated with a name-drop within the review and with my enthusiastic appraisal of the film. Awww… ain’t I sweet?)

Now, one day a week I will vow to see one film in the theater and give my take on it so you can judge better for yourself if it’s worth your time, thereby potentially saving you some money and potentially making me your hero. I’ll call this segment Cinematronica Goes to a Theater and Watches a Movie (CGTATAWAM)! Catchy, huh? You know what? Scratch that. Let’s just call it The Night Out. Same rules apply as before; you can either suggest I go see something that week that perhaps you’re on the fence about, or I’ll figure out what I want to see on my own. I’ll play it by ear each week.

Finally, one night a week I will rewatch a movie I have already seen and I will give you my take on it. Classics, overlooked gems, rarities, or even inane crap that I can help you to never watch (I can’t have it good all the time). I’m going to call this segment PSA, and really, it’s the least I can do for my community to let you all know fromĀ  my experience what is awesome and what is atrocious.

And that’s it! I hope everyone enjoys this, and even if not one single person reads it, I’m still going to enjoy doing this. So take that! Today, I’m going to put up my preliminary review on a little movie that probably nobody has seen called Twilight to tide you over until the 1’st. Don’t keel over from the anticipation until then!



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