So What’s Next, Eric!?!?!?!??!?!

2 01 2010

Well, guys, after my first day away from the computer in a year, I can say that I don’t exactly miss writing 1000 words a day. But I do miss interacting with you fine people and giving you the scoop! So, I’m sure we’re all wondering, “WHEN’S THAT NEW SITE GONNA BE DONE, ERIC?!”, and the answer to that question is “soon”. We’re still working out some kinks on, doing some fine tuning, and putting the bitch together. But as we speak I am coming up with new segments, articles, and content for YOU!

Here are two new segments of the site I’m working on right now:

MUSIC!- I’ll probably call it the Sonar Club, Music For Cool People, or Ear-gasms. Feel free to drop me a good name for the segment, but I’ll be doing CD reviews both old and new, retrospectives on bands, and stuff about that wonderful noise that makes the world go round. First stop: a little band called Bon Iver gets their critical comeuppance!!!

CULTURE!- Whether it’s called Pretty Little Things, What’s The Deal With That?, The Culture In Revolt, or Things I Say About Things You Do, it will be a segment concerning the culture in America and abroad, as much as I can find, and as much as you’re willing to put up with. I’ll be looking back, to the future, and BEYOND!!!!!!! My first tinkering will be a look back at everyone’s favorite children’s show, David the Gnome!

As I said, I’m working ever so diligently on that stuff, but I don’t have anything new JUST yet. Instead of waiting for some new stuff, go back a few months and peruse the lovely selection of previous reviews; surely you didn’t read ALL of them, did you?



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4 01 2010

Happy New Year!
Bloody Hell! I seen the most messed up doc over the holidays called HELL HOUSE! Do you know this crazy Christian haunted house thing where they show the evils of abortion, homosexuality etc? One of the scariest films I’ve seen all year! The doc made me think of you! You live in Texas don’t you? It’s a big state but if it is anywhere within your vicinity you should so go check it out in October! I would love to see what you would write about this freakshow…oh and you’ve got to have pics…or video!

4 01 2010

That sounds like a great idea! I’ll watch that tonight, and try to map it out sometime between now and October! I always love skewering the religious right and their ignominious beliefs!

9 01 2010

Hey dude, I know your blog just ended and you’re still working on the new one, but I did that Kreativ Blogger Award gizmo and thought Cinematronica definitely deserved a plug. Now you know! Right here

9 01 2010

Thanks so much Alex! I really appreciate it! I am just coming back after almost 3 days of no computer, so I am extremely grateful to see some good news on the computer the first time I log back in! I need to get back to work on the new site, but what you said really means a lot to me!

11 01 2010

well i care not for tunage as you know so please at some point review one of the 3 paramore albums so i can read your review because you know thats like the only band i like!!!

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