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Eric "Cinematronica" Young operates this blog from Houston, TX (a town that only recently discovered motion pictures, or, as they prefer to call them there, "flicker demons".

Eric Young is a writer who, from an early age, displayed an innate ability for reviewing movies. He wrote his first review at the age of 3, after seeing the beloved children’s classic The Ox-Bow Incident, at which he proclaimed to an admittedly small readership: “Bullshit! What gaggle of pedantic fucknuts came up with this?!” Since that first confident declaration, Eric has been making waves in the internet reviewing industry, ensnaring literally dozens of people to stop by every day and read his take on movies both new and old on the prolific Cinematronica blog/website/online white slavery front/ movie forum. His plan has been to go the distance for the entire year of 2009, watching and reviewing a movie a day. He’s nearing completion of that goal, little by little, and if a movie a day can’t stop him, then the sky might be the limit for this plucky young man!

His hobbies include:



-Reading writing!


-Hanging out with his lady love, Bren!

-Talking in third person!


-Inventing new verbs (as shown above)!

His interests include:



-Mocking religion!

-Good movies!

-Bad movies!

-Any movies!

-Progressive music!

-Whimsical role-playing games!


So Much More Coming Very, Very Soon!!!

3 responses

17 10 2009
Guy Davis

Hi, Eric–

I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful, well-written review of “Zorg and Andy.” I appreciate all the work that went into your review and we’re very honored to be part of the 365!

Also very glad you didn’t think we sucked!

Thanks again for watching our movie and keep up the great work!


18 10 2009

No problem, man! You earned it! Thanks for making such an enjoyable film!

8 05 2010


I am Malcolm from The Final Oscar and I am cordially inviting you to a smackdown. It’s the SMACKDOWN: 1995 BEST PICTURE. The nominees for that year are:

Apollo 13
Il Postino
Sense and Sensibility

If you confirm or reject your participation in this smackdown, please reply to this mail. Don’t worry! 11 will be allotted for watching/rewatching the movies nominated. If you have any inquiries, just mail me at mylastoscar@gmail.com

Submission of Analysis: May 20, 2010
Posting of Results: May 23, 2010

For more details, you can just visit my site: mylastoscar.wordpress.com

Thanks for the time and I hope you’ll join!


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