If Reviews Could Kill Is Now Online! Come Check Out My New Internet Home!

18 02 2010

I’M BACK EVERYONE! WHEW! It’s taken way longer than I expected it to, but a working version of my new site, http://ifreviewscouldkill.com is now available for you to peruse! There, I will write about everything in the vast and wide world of art and entertainment. You can get your dose of all things musical, literary, cinematic, and cultural in one easy-to-use website. I have a review posted currently of the so-so Benicio Del Toro vehicle The Wolfman and the new album by Bon Iver! It would be the greatest honor for you, my friends and fans to check me out there. I have a lot of work to do on the site still, including compiling a shitload of new material and editing the entire Cinematronica project, which I will devote to transferring over ASAP. This will be an amazing new undertaking for me, and I hope this ends up being an amazing community for art and culture for everyone as interested in this stuff as I am. I hope some of you are willing to follow me over to the new site, where I promise to dole out the same enthusiasm and verve that I did here at the ol’ Cinematronica blog.

So, what do you say, guys? ARE YA WITH ME! If so, come on over to my official .com!!!