Random Musing: The Adult Swim Line-Up

14 11 2009

Quick question; does anybody watch Adult Swim? I think it’s probably the only thing worth watching anymore other than the Fox Sunday night Animation Domination. It’s bizarre, it’s hilarious, and when they aren’t playing ad nauseum repeats of Futurama, Family Guy, and Kink of the Hill, they’re playing a lot of awesomely weird, hilarious stuff. What do you think is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on AS? Do you even like Adult Swim? In that case, what’s your least favorite thing on Adult Swim? And don’t be afraid of me hunting you down for your transgression, even though I probably will. I’m just curious, because I think it’s the dog’s bollocks. One of my personal favorites is up here from the pilot show Snake ‘N Bacon, entitled simply Rabid District Attorney. And…………… Discuss!

Random Musing: Yes Is A Fucking Awesome Band, No?

17 08 2009

This is completely unrelated to anything, but is it just me, or does Yes kick ass? I fucking LOVE Yes! From their self-titled debut, all the way to the end of the 70s, they created a catalog that just rocked my fucking world with enough progressive spunk to power a spaceship to a new world where all music is as cool as Yes. I could go on all day about Yes and the progressive music scene all day! If anyone else is a fan of Yes, King Crimson, The Soft Machine, or anything prog-ish like The Mars Volta¬† and beyond I’d like to hear your thoughts! Even if you don’t like Yes, I’d like to hear what you have to say (Note: I WILL fight anyone who does not like Yes, however, so choose your words carefully!).Random, I know, but just listen to this awesome live clip of one of my favorite songs, Close To The Edge, and you’ll see why I’ve been a fan of these guys since 6th grade, the same awesome grade when I found out I could alienate hard rock kids by telling them I liked a “fairy” band like Yes!

What Needs A Remake And What Doesn’t?

2 05 2009

A quick question for everybody out there! With the recent string of remakes coming out, slamming into us like horny old men on subway trains, what do you guys think needs remaking? Any favorite films that you think should be given a 21st century makeover? If so, who would star? Who would direct? Bigger budget? Smaller budget? Epic atmosphere? Intimate atmosphere? Apples? Oranges? Let me know!

And I wanna hear about the differing opinions as well! What remakes shouldn’t have been made? What remakes need to not ever be made in the future? Are all films good enough to never need a remake, or should we all be working on original ideas instead? Leave some thoughts in the comments section!

The movie that I want remade: The Matrix, directed by Ridley Scott! It would be amazing!

The remake that I think should have been erased from the history books: Scarface! That’s right; I said it!

February Poll! Your Opinion Counts!

9 02 2009

Oscar Opinions? Anybody Got ‘Em?

24 01 2009

All right. The 2009 Academy Award nominees have been announced and you can find them all here. I know I’m slow to get to the discussion, but I’m a work-horse. I have things to do, folks. Get off my back!!!

But what do you guys think? Do you think Revolutionary Road was robbed? Are you glad The Dark Knight is walking away with mostly technical awards? Do you think Mickey Rourke should get the award for Best Hideous Actor? Let me know? Let others know. Lots of surprises this year, so leave a comment for intellectual purposes. Thanks!

Your Opinion Counts, Kids!

7 01 2009