What Did You Think Of The Cinematronica Project?

21 12 2009

What a year! I can’t believe we’re finally almost done with it! I can’t believe I have almost fulfilled my promise to watch and review 365 movies in 2009! It all stems from you, though; everyone who read, everyone who commented, and everyone who is as much in love with film and the arts as I am who was genuinely interested in what I was talking about. Now that I’m only ten days and ten movies away from the end of the year, the end of Cinematronica, and the beginning of my new website at http://ifreviewscouldkill.com, I wanted to do a few retrospective pieces on all the movies I’ve covered; I’ll be doing some of my personal top ten lists, some of my personal favorite reviews, and other extremely ego-tastic stuff. But until then, I wanted to know what you thought about this site; what were your favorite reviews? Were there movies you discovered here that you now can’t live without (or can’t live without making fun of)? Did I do a good job as a reviewer, or am I just another face in the crowd of writhing sycophants across the internet who wants to write about this stuff for the rest of their lives? Let me know: I want to see how I’m doing, what direction you think I should go, and if there’s anything you want for the new website. Spare no detail, good or bad! What has Cinematronica done for YOU?




9 responses

22 12 2009

Well, I thought the reviews were of high enough quality that they made me want to recruit you as a contributor to MY site. From the standpoint of personal gain, I have to say CINEMATRONICA has been a win for me!

22 12 2009
Doug Bonner

I learned some things from your reviews. They really got deep sometimes. Let me know when you put up your new site!

22 12 2009

I only just got into your site like a month ago, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite movie blogs. I think your writing is interesting, funny, and insightful and you watch a really good variety of movies. It’s been a really great project, and I’m looking forward to your new site!

23 12 2009

I like pie.

23 12 2009

Oh yea, best blog I have ever read. EVER.

24 12 2009

Thanks, everyone! I really mean it when I say that I have tried with all my heart, soul, and otherworldly magicks to keep this site running smooth. It’s almost over, folks, so stay the course with me and let’s have some fun this last week, shall we?

26 12 2009

I think its obvious I LOVE IT!!!!! I have to say the variety of films you watch is reallllllly awesome!! You have a great eye and are so fun to read!!! LOVE IT!!

26 12 2009

This was a very amazing project. Your insight runs deep, much deeper than most movie reviewers dare to attempt. If I had the extra cash, I would totally invest in your new website because I think you are on to something new and exciting! Something that will inspire intellectuals everywhere to share, debate, and discuss their ponderings.

1 01 2010

Let me be the first to congratulate you on completing the project as promised. When you first announced it, I was skeptical that you would be able to keep up with such a demanding daily posting schedule. I’m happy to eat my crow now: not only did you manage it, you kept the reviews of an amazingly high quality throughout. Good job!

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