Official Public Announcement: New Website In January

5 12 2009

Hey, everyone! For anybody who does not know, my 365 movie goal is nearing completion, with almost 340 movies in my repertoire now. I am reeling from 11 months of watching a movie every day, but I’m otherwise great and ready for more. So what happens after this? Well, I’m glad you asked! As of January 1st, I will officially be dismantling Cinematronica and a new website will be taking its place! I’ve seen some good times on this blog, but the bird has to leave the nest at one time or another, so I’ll be taking flight for a .com in the near future. The website’s name, as voted by you, the reader, will be (drum-roll please):


This will be the home of all things Eric, all things film, and all things (hopefully) you. My dream is to build a film community where people can communicate with myself and other film fanatics at large, creating an atmosphere of friendliness, where you won’t get booed off of the internet if you say that your favorite movie is Xanadu or Epic Movie (although you still might get soundly laughed at. I mean come on!).

It will be a place where indie directors can come and have their voices heard, where their films can be seen and discussed by real people.

It will be a place where readers can send in reviews and show their own chops as a writer, and where their work can be discussed as well.

And it will also be a place for me to expand as a writer. I like other things besides movies, you know. The operative word “reviews” in doesn’t just apply to movies. I plan to give my thoughts on many facets of fringe and popular culture, with essays, product reviews, various rants, and (hopefully) videos!

But I can’t do any of this without your support! Thank you so much for your patronage these past 11 months. Your hits have really kept me going every day, especially the days when I could not have been bothered to write another word. Your positive response has kept me going. But the new website will be a lot of work, so I’ll still need your good vibes, however much you can give. So tell all your high-minded film snob friends about my new endeavor, and I’ll promise to deliver on a website that will be fun and entertaining for everybody. I’ll keep you posted on any news about the new website this month, but don’t forget the Cinematronica project is still counting down the days! I still have some reviews left in me before all is said and done, so keep reading, keep commenting, and keep believing in the awesome power of the motion picture!




3 responses

8 12 2009

Sign me up! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews these last 11 months and look forward to checking out the new site!

11 12 2009

Good luck and I love the name! I think you’ll find it much more pleasant when you’re not obligated to write something yourself every single day… although knowing you suffer from writeaholism, you still may feel compelled to. Wean yourself slowly, start by taking weekends off… many authors find that substituting drinking for writing helps them to cut back.

12 12 2009

LOL hopefully I don’t go RIGHT to the bottle, but who knows in this mixed up crazy world? One minute you’re on top, the next you’re outside the Copa Cabana offering to suck Frank Sinatra Jr’s dick for loose change and memorabilia you can sell on ebay. I’ll try to resist the urge to write EVERY day to focus on making more high-quality work for you guys over at 366!

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