I’ll Return With 2 Spook-tacular Scary Movie Reviews!

22 10 2009

Sorry, everyone; I’ll be back tomorrow with two reviews for your leisure. Sorry I’m so flaky today;  I locked my keys in my car today, and that was an unbelievably long process to reverse. Nobody wanted to help me! I kept going from auto-parts store to auto-parts store, asking for assistance, and all I got out of everyone was, “30 bucks.” 30 bucks to let me borrow a long rod to ram in my own car door?!? I told an exceptionally surly old man, “I’d rather be beaten to death with my own severed arm than pay you 30 dollars for your ‘help’.”

And so, in the vein of spooky severed limbs, I’ll not only have a review for Night of the Living Dead (1990), but I’ll also have one for The Sentinel!!! Keep an eye out for me tomorrow, and if you need me to help you get your keys out of your car, I’ll do it for free!