Time To Start Thinking Of Some Names For The New Website! Any Suggestions???

17 10 2009

Well, folks, as I’ve said, the time for this blog is drawing nearer and nearer to a closing point, and the dawn of my new .com website looms ever larger and closer. But what shall this new website be called? If anyone has kept up with daily Cinematronica news, you’ll know that http://www.cinematronica.com is owned by a sad, ridiculous squatter who probably thinks I’m willing to pay good money for a name that probably isn’t winning a whole lot of people over. I have a few ideas of some new names of .coms that probably aren’t being sat on:







And the list goes on. Or I could always use http://www.ericyoung.com too, so I’m not adverse to doing that. But it will be your site too! I want everyone to have a say in it! Let me know if you can think of any cool site names that strike your fancy, and I will put them under review (HA!). Leave some comments on this post for some new names, and I will be ever so grateful!



5 responses

18 10 2009
Jenni David

NOT filmlabriynth!!

18 10 2009

http://www.farmanimalfuck.com is fun!! But I think my vote would be for the slightly more “masses-friendly” http://www.ifreviewscouldkill.com

22 10 2009
Steven David

cinephile – are you luring young movies into your viewing box with popcorn and molesting them?

ericonmovies – when i looked at it I first saw “conmovies” and though about comic con – i dont know if that was your intention

cinemainreview – same idea as the one above, but “main review” makes it sound official

filmlabyrinth – You remind me of the film. What film? The film with the power…..

ifreviewscouldkill – my favorite – ericyoung.com is good as well, but it tends to limit your ability to detach from it. Also if down the road you decide to get a partner for the site…

farmanimalfuck – THATS THE ONE!

22 10 2009

I really like ifreviewscouldkill. Coming up with domain names suck. I’ve been trying to come up with something clever for a few weeks now and I keep coming up emptyhanded or like you said, someone is squatting on it. But ifreviewscouldkill has a nice ring to it. And it sounds pretty bad ass, too.

24 10 2009

ifreviewscouldkill seems to be the favorite of the ones I came up with. If anyone else has any ideas, be sure to let me know!!!

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