A HUGE Shout-Out To Brad Neely!!!

13 09 2009

If there has been one cartoonist in the history of the world that has ever made me genuinely laugh myself into fits, it has been Brad Neely. He has a brand of humor that is insightful, delightfully outlandish, and even slightly menacing. His drawings are quirky and filled with more character and creativity than the entire state of Texas, our shared home state. I love this man, and it all started for me with a little video in Spike and Mike’s Twisted Animation Festival that he made about a national hero, our nation’s first President, and a truly fearsome human being, George Washington:

Amazing, no? And it’s all true! Check out his unreasonably hilarious series The Professor Brothers (about GET THIS! two professors who are brothers teaching valuable life lessons) and Baby Cakes (about a man-boy who raps important musings on the strange and awe-inspiring universe he lives in), along with his cadre of webcomics that are sure to put a smile on your face, and maybe even your genitals! Either way, check it all out at his website, Creased Comics, HERE! Tell your friends! Or if you don’t have friends, stop reading this shit and go get some!




2 responses

14 09 2009

“He threw a knife into heaven”


14 09 2009

That just scratches the surface, man! Go to his site and watch the Professor Brothers do an impromptu song about JFK! You’ll learn so much your brain will have to sashay out of its casing and buy some more RAM at Best Buy to process it all!

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