Cinematronica Welcomes LAMBs!

6 08 2009

Well, I feel like a real swell guy today! It seems my application has been accepted, and I am one of the few, the proud, the LAMBs! The Large Association of Movie Blogs (or LAMB) has been gracious enough to give me a boost and a full page article (which is actually my application, for some reason) on their site. To the moderator of the site, I must give a warm and heartfelt bit of gratitude. And to any fans of LAMB that stop on by, I update every day, so stick around! I’ll have another review cooked up by tonight! Until then, feel free to peruse the hundreds of reviews I’ve done so far this year! I have quite a library, so feel free to post a comment on any page at any time! Let me know how I’m doing! Until then, thanks again, LAMB! I, Eric “Cinematronica” Young give a big welcome to all of you! Here’s a giant internet hug from me to you, in the form of this hilarious picture of my sworn enemy, Nicolas Cage:

Why dont people just TELL him hes this way?

Why don't people just TELL him he's this way?




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