I Couldn’t Afford To Send Myself To Cannes, So Instead I’m Watching The MTV Movie Awards! Somebody Please Beat Me To Death!

31 05 2009

So, the most unimportant movie award ceremony of the year is going on right now. The MTV Movie Awards is happening as we speak, and for some unspeakable reason, I’m watching it. What’s wrong with me? Am I high? I didn’t talk about Cannes this year at all on this site, and you probably thought to yourself, “Why?”. Of course I love those international and independent pictures, and of course I love to think when I’m watching a movie. But I’m also broke, so I couldn’t go. And I really didn’t want to regurgitate any info from any other sources of news that actually went there, as you could just go to that news outlet and reward them for their hard work instead of my lazy cut-and-pasting. So, hopefully, if I make it all the way to December 31st on my quest to review a movie a day, the world will pitch in and just send me a ticket in the mail for 2010. But until that day, I’m watching the MTV Movie Awards.

If anyone has any thoughts on this exercise in celebrity masturbation (hosted by Andy Samberg!!!), please post them and tell me about it. I’ll watch this whole thing through, for some deeply unknowable purpose, so I’ll know what you’re talking about if you wanna gush on who is the cutest celebrity there or who gives the worst presentation (My vote is for the vitriolic Megan Fox), feel free to do so. I’m trying to be interactive at Cinematronica, so get in on the most talked about but least important awards show in the world. And how unimportant is this awards show? Just, please, please no Robert Pattinson gushing. If I ask one thing on this website, I ask for the simple kindness of a night with a little less Pattinson in my life…



One response

31 05 2009

My favorite part of the Movie Awards by far was Eminem getting tea-bagged by Bruno! Highlight of my weekend! “Get this motherfucker off me!” That’s real and genuine anger, my favorite kind…

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