A different kind of review…

15 05 2009

Hey folks, it’s Bren- Eric’s older and not really much wiser counterpart. Today, after a what seemed to be an eternity of waiting, is moving day. We have been up for far too long, hauling giant heavy boxes and angry pets back and forth. Eric will not be posting a review today due to his inablity to get his ass off of the shiny, comfy new couch. So I will be reviewing something today instead. It will be brief and to the point. No flowery language as is the norm for this site. So here goes…don’t judge him for this as this is all my doing.

Lord of the Rings. All 3 movies. Best trilogy ever, flaws and all.

Hope you enjoyed the shortes review of all time.  Swing by tomorrow, I’m sure Eric will be back to normal in no time.