The Constant Gardener (2005), or Romance Buried Beneath The Red Dirt

14 05 2009

Another quickie, everyone! I loved this movie. It was haunting, poetic, and wonderfully shot by Fernando Meirelles. It concerns the First World’s dirty dealings in the Third World, specifically Africa. It’s a land ripe with exploitation, a place where the state governments have no power compared to that of the white man’s corporate countenance. It’s also a love story, invlolving an activist named Tessa and a British diplomat named Justin. During a press conference where they butt heads, the two opposites attract, and a passion forms between them. They soon move to Kenya together, where Justin works and where Tessa helps out the locals in any way she can, as well as maintaining her activist agenda. But when Tessa ends up dead, a heartbroken Justin must piece together the murder against a backdrop of backroom politics, and dark alleyways, and the threatening skyline of an angry land.

It’s a wonderful film that not only gives us a taste of the atrocities that are surely going on right now in Africa, but allows us to glimpse Kenya’s pristine beauty and proud people. It’s intelligent and heartfelt, and many scenes ring true on many different levels. Fernando Meirelles made a ponderous combination between a thriller and a romantic film, and I have to say that I’m pleased with the results. The stars, Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz, are devastating as the two doomed lovers, and I really enjoyed their earnest, simple love they shared, a genuine romance that strikes true no matter who you are. The Constant Gardener has a lot to offer. And only a little over 2 hours, it is brisk for a movie with such depth and scope.

I REALLY want to get more in-depth on this, because I have a lot to say about this film, but this is the last push for packing before my move-in day tomorrow. Please understand, and don’t come to my new place to beat me up! I give The Constant Gardener 9 corporate countanances out of 10. Sorry for my extreme brevity!

Tomorrow’s my move-in date though! If my internet is connected in time, I will try for a longer review, but otherwise expect yet another short review. Hang in there with me, folks!!!