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6 05 2009

Well, for all the regulars, my review of (ugh…) Pretty Woman and my second installment of my week-long The Passion of Joan of Arc review will all be coming up later tonight. But, as I have seen a huge surge of new viewers coming to the site, I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and let everyone know just what I’m doing here at Cinematronica.

First of all, hi. My name’s Eric. As you can see, I have been watching a movie, then writing a review for said movie every day for the past four months now, since New Year’s Day 2009. I plan to go non-stop until December 31st of this year catching a flick every day or die trying. I wanted to broaden my horizons and sharpen my writing skills, and I think I’ve done that to great effect, but, as you see, there are still over 200 days to go, so if you hang in there with me and check my site as often as you please, you might find a strong body of work here by the end of it, and it might just open up your eyes to a whole new world of cinema that you never even knew about. Or just come to watch me string together curse words and spew vugarities at shameful performances. Either way, stick with me.

I hope to some day soon add some video reviews and some audio reviews for your downloading pleasure, as well as recording some commentary for films, adding my own personal take on some of the movies I see. For now, it’s just the printed word, and I hope that this will suffice until I can move into the 21st century and make the site more interactive. Please don’t despise me and my naivete with this new-fangled technology.

So if you like my style, stick around, because THIS SITE IS UPDATED DAILY!!! Roger Ebert may be good, but I update that cat back to the Stone Age! So stay tuned later tonight for more reviews and feel free to peruse back all the way to January 1st if you’re curious. You’ll find all my reviews top-notch and without spelling errors (or at least I thinck so). Until then, I leave you with a picture of me, moments before an intense workout:

I didn't know what to do with my arms! Oh no!

I didn't know what to do with my arms! Oh no!




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