The Passion Of Joan Of Arc (1928), or Passion Plays And Silent Screams (Part 1)

5 05 2009

I’ve been sitting here all evening trying to find something to say about this film, and all I can say is, “Wow”. Seriously; I’ve been trying to come up with words to describe how I feel about this movie to no avail. It’s an intensely powerful movie about the life of Joan of Arc, particularly her trial and execution. It’s a silent film that speaks volumes, a wonderful picture that I honestly cannot add a whole lot to right now. Check in with me for the rest of the week as I slowly add my two cents on this film. I have something to say about it, I just think it’s going to perculate for a while. Consider this introduction part one of a daily serialized discourse on the film. Check up with me through the rest of the week to hear more about my thoughts on The Passion of Joan of Arc!