What Needs A Remake And What Doesn’t?

2 05 2009

A quick question for everybody out there! With the recent string of remakes coming out, slamming into us like horny old men on subway trains, what do you guys think needs remaking? Any favorite films that you think should be given a 21st century makeover? If so, who would star? Who would direct? Bigger budget? Smaller budget? Epic atmosphere? Intimate atmosphere? Apples? Oranges? Let me know!

And I wanna hear about the differing opinions as well! What remakes shouldn’t have been made? What remakes need to not ever be made in the future? Are all films good enough to never need a remake, or should we all be working on original ideas instead? Leave some thoughts in the comments section!

The movie that I want remade: The Matrix, directed by Ridley Scott! It would be amazing!

The remake that I think should have been erased from the history books: Scarface! That’s right; I said it!




2 responses

4 05 2009

It might be timely to do a remake of THE GRAPES OF WRATH. I’m not saying it is a good idea, just timely. Taking on a much loved film adapted from one of the best American novels ever written would be a huge task for any director. There is only one person I can think of that might be able to do it directorial justice and that is David Lynch. No I’m not kidding. I love Lynch’s body of work. If you doubt his ability to handle a classic you only need watch The Straight Story or The Elephant Man. These are two of the most amazing, beautiful and poignant films I have ever seen.

With so many bad remakes to choose from, I’ll have to go with Roland Emmerich’s “Godzilla”, Frank Oz’s “The Stepford Wives”
and Rupert Wainwright’s “The Fog”. I hated these ones with a seething passion.

6 05 2009

That is a really great idea. If I had even ONE Hollywood connection, I would pitch that for you. I mean it; The Grapes of Wrath is such a powerful movie, so couple that with David Lynch and you have a veritable dynamo! Good thinking!!!

I also agree with those bad remakes. I can’t believe Frank “Yoda” Oz made something like that. When you somehow dull down the message of a movie like The Stepford Wives, you know you messed up somewhere along the line…

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