Trusty Taperecorder Is The Best Band Since The Velvet Underground And David Bowie Turned Into An Art-Rock Transformer In 1972!!!

9 04 2009

Listen, everybody. When I say that this band, Trusty Taperecorder, is one of the greatest bands of the 21st century, you know I wouldn’t blow smoke up your ass. They are a powerful local group from Houston who make music that the kids can dance to and the hipsters can think about. Check them out at their MySpace page at You’ll be doing the world a great service by listening to them and yourself a service by enjoying them! Don’t forget to bring your brain and your good taste to the page, folks!!!




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25 04 2009
Alex luna

Trusty taperecorder is god

2 05 2009

Right? That’s exactly what I’m saying. If anyone has any news on this band (club dates, performance videos, sex tapes, etc.) post it on here! The world will thank you, and Trusty Taperecorder just might also!

21 03 2010
Trusty T

APRIL 15th

Its a Thursday but Trusty Taperecoder will be tearing it up again!

22 03 2010

You come in to Games Plus all the time, a while ago you told us about this blog and i check it out every once and a while. Anyway, just a little FYI tidbit, One of the guys in Trusty Taperecorder works up here with us.

22 03 2010

I will be there!!!!!

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