Agree With Me? Disagree With Me? Tell Me About It!

1 04 2009

Hello, all! This is the page where you can bug me and tell me I’m a pedantic fool or praise my erudition and shower me with adulation. I want to hear opinions and fuel healthy discussion! If anybody has anything they want to say about any of the movies I’ve reviewed so far, this is the place to comment and discuss! Let my crucifixion at the hands of angry internet people begin……. Now!



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2 04 2009


2 04 2009

Indeed. I couldn’t have said it better myself?

3 04 2009

In a double bone-headed move I answered your comment without seeing your full question and then deleted it! In addition I sent another message explaining this and I am not sure if I sent it. Bloody hell! I am usually not this inept. In any case, I didn’t actually add the “blogroll” it was part of the template I chose called “ULYSSES RONQUILLO”. it appears that different templates offer different unique features. Sorry i couldn’t be more help. And I apologize if you also received my airheaded message and this is the second time you’ve had to read this information. Cheers!

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