Congrats, Slumdog Millionaire! You Destroyed The Competition Like An Impoverished Mumbai Beggar!

22 02 2009

So, Slumdog Millionaire made an impressive sweep just a few minutes ago, virtually sweeping the Academy Awards! Congratulations to Danny Boyle for winning Best Director, A.R. Rahman for composing Best Song and Best Score, and to the whole gang for winning Best Picture! I can’t help but think it was my own sterling review of the movie that catapaulted it to the success it has achieved tonight. I cannot wait for the drunken, late-night phone call from Danny and the gang, groveling and weeping, singing my praise in an inebriated stupor. I will laugh in hearty approval, but will decline to join him because you folks and I still have a ways to go on our journey to 365 movies, and I have to get my beauty rest in order to give the best reviews possible! So thanks but no thanks Danny! Congratulations, and even though I was not pulling for the film to win anything at all (I was pulling for The Reader for Best Picture and David Fincher for Best Director all the way), I acknowledge the cast and crew’s prowess, and I wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors! And for the rest of the winners tonight, a hearty congratulations from Cinematronica! And for all the hopeful nominees, better luck next time folks!!!




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