Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Vote For February’s Poll!! Do It Or This Website Will Turn Into A Pumpkin At Midnight! Oh, And Another Announcement As Well!

17 02 2009

Well, the title says it all! You have one more day until the poll is closed and I start reviewing movies for this month’s elected theme! Comedy is the front-runner right now, so if you don’t want me to write 1000 words about You, Me, And Dupree or Gigli I suggest voting post-haste!

And while I have your attention, I would like to announce that I will start two new segments in the next week! The first of these will be called Good Seats, wherein I review movie theaters themselves, scrutinizing them for their own good as well as yours. This is info everyone needs to know to avoid feeling the hollowness of a bad moviegoing experience, so this segment might just save your friendship, your marriage, and even your life.

The second new segment is a complete non-sequitur. I will just call it O’ Wanderer! and it wil be a collection of my personal essays and meditations on the state of our infirm existence and the beauty of being alive. It is infinitely self-indulgent to post personal essays on a movie site, I know, but it is something that nags at me all the time, so I want to give it a shot. If it is just too horrible to keep on here, I know that you, purveyors of honesty that you are, would almost certainly tell me how trashy it is. So we will see how it works out.

Look forward to these new additions in the near future! Until then, friends and strangers, have a pleasant night! And don’t forget to vote!




One response

18 02 2009

Even if you don’t do comedy for the week, you still need to review Gigli.
Its so good your tongue will slap your brain out to get TO it…

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