Today Is The Last Day For Voting! You’d Better Do It!

21 01 2009

All right, everyone! I’ve asked nicely. I’ve pleaded with you numerous times, probably hundreds of times to vote on the poll I have up in the Public Opinions section. And this is the last day. Right now we are at a standstill. If somebody votes to break the tie today between the 90’s and the 00’s, then by popular vote I will watch nothing but movies from that decade. But I swear, if no one votes today, you’re gonna get a theme all right. A theme of epic proportions. That’s right!!! If nobody breaks the tie today, I’m going to watch Planet of the Apes movies all week. Seriously! You drove me to this, you know, with your non-voting asses! So get your vote on today, and I would be much obliged! And damn it, do not vote twice! In the interests of democracy, and for the love of freedom!



One response

21 01 2009

I would like to see Sideways reviewed, Giamatti gives a great performance.

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